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Yamaha vHP FL150LB / FL150DETL outboard motor


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Yamaha FL150DETL / FL150LB outboards

150 hp (110.3 kW), 2.8 liter DOHC 4-cylinder with 16 valves and EFI,
left-hand rotation for twin engines , long shaft, electric starter, power tilt, power trim,
recommended mirror height: 516 mm ,
weight 222 kg.

The legendary Yamaha FL150DETL for twin engines, with its sleek lines and great features means ultimate relaxation on the water – thanks to its clean, efficient and cost-effective state-of-the-art technology.

State-of-the-art technology for maximum pleasure

This includes e.g. B. an advanced design with double overhead camshafts (DOHC control) and special intake and exhaust systems to optimize the combustion process. The robust claw clutch with 8 claws ensures smooth gear changes and a long service life – and thanks to the new design of the special hood, the water is collected and drained off even more efficiently.
Many other unique features, such as Features such as variable trolling speed, wide-range trim and tilt and optional Yamaha Electronic Theft Deterrent (Y-COP) make this engine a real pleasure to use.

Yamaha FL150DETL / FL150LB a look

  • The newly designed hood collects and drains water better
  • EFI injection for cleaner performance and increased efficiency
  • DOHC (Double Overhead Camshaft) for higher performance
  • PrimeStart™ system for easy starting
  • Variable trolling speed controls low-speed operation
  • Compatible with Yamaha digital LAN system
  • Trimming and tilting system with a wide adjustment range
  • Optional Yamaha electronic anti-theft device (Y-COP).
  • Optional tipping angle limiter
  • Optional dual battery charging system
  • Version with counter rotating screws available

16-valve engine with DOHC, direct valve timing, 4 cylinders, in-line

Two intake and two exhaust valves on each cylinder, which are controlled independently of one another by two camshafts, optimize intake and exhaust efficiency – and thus fuel consumption during combustion. The TCI ignition system ensures effortless starting, consistent performance, long spark plug life and legendary reliability.

Slim and efficient hood

Its attractive design is not the only advantage of this purpose-designed hood. It is designed to collect and drain water more efficiently, resulting in quieter operation, less corrosion and longer engine life.

Variable trolling speed

This advanced system lets you easily and fluidly control low-speed operation by adjusting your RPM in 50 RPM increments with the push of a button. Ideal for fishing or careful driving through rest areas!

DNG digital instruments (optional)

All of our EFI engines can be connected to Yamaha’s network system, allowing you to choose from our wide range of digital gauges – allowing you to get the most out of your engine. A multifunctional tachometer informs you about speed, operating hours, tilt angle, oil pressure and warning lights. The speed/fuel management combo gauge
reports speed, fuel level and fuel efficiency.

ECM (Engine Control Module) with microcomputer

The reliable microcomputer is at the heart of your Yamaha engine. He constantly monitors all data and settings and thus ensures smooth operation and the optimum ignition point. It also automatically activates the alarm and security devices when needed. In the event of a fault, the easily accessible connection enables the authorized Yamaha
dealer to quickly diagnose it.

Standard delivery Yamaha FL150DETL / FL150LB:

  • Polished stainless steel propeller, Reliance – SDS; (there are several to choose from)
  • engine oil (marine oil)
  • Operating manual in English
  • warranty documents
  • CE declaration of conformity
  • Handover inspection in our specialist workshop


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