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Yamaha FT60GETX / T 60hp outboard motor


Yamaha FT 60 GETX / T 60hp EFI outboard – push motor

60 hp (44.1 kW), 4 cylinders, water-cooled, displacement 996 cm²,
ultra-long shaft (=extra long shaft), electric starter, power trim, power tilt, thrust motor / high thrust,
recommended mirror height: 644 mm
Lake Constance approval, weight 127 kg.

Do you value maximum performance and best manoeuvrability? Then a motor from our FT series is the right choice for you. With their particularly quiet, low-vibration and economical operation, these powerful thrust motors, which also deliver a particularly high torque, set high standards in terms of performance and optimum fuel efficiency. The ideal drive for sailing, fishing and work boats.

The Yamaha FT60 / T60hp – a real workhorse among the thrust engines.

All FT Series engines benefit from Yamaha’s patented dual-thrust propellers, which deliver full thrust forward and reverse, making maneuvering heavy boats a breeze.
The TCI ignition with microcomputer control ensures reliable and effortless starting in all conditions. A powerful alternator always provides sufficient starting current – even after long journeys at low speeds. The T Series engines are powerful workhorses that won’t let you down.

Yamaha FT 60 GETX at a glance

  • Even more efficient, even more environmentally friendly – ​​thanks to EFI
  • Slim, compact shape and robust hood made from one piece
  • Optional Yamaha electronic anti-theft device (Y-COP).
  • Tilt angle limiter (option)
  • Single-lever steering friction adjustment (tiller handle models)
  • Powerful alternator
  • Shallow water driving position for driving close to the bank
  • Fresh water flushing system
  • Compatible with Yamaha DNG digital instruments
  • PrimeStart™ system for easy starting
  • Variable trolling speed
  • Trimming and tilting system with a wide adjustment range

Special gear reductions for more thrust

The FT engines are purpose-built to provide greater thrust and torque than conventional engines. Their special gear ratio prevents cavitation and propeller slip. They work in combination with other unique
features to provide the ideal power source for boats where towing capability is more important than top speed.

Yamaha DNG digital instruments

The FT60 is compatible with Yamaha’s DNG digital gauges, which enable maximum performance and efficiency by displaying various data: a multi-function tachometer to display RPM, hours, tilt angle, oil pressure, warning lights and variable speed setting, as well as a speed and speed indicator Fuel management with
speed, fuel level and fuel consumption.

Variable trolling speed

At the push of a button on the DNG tachometer – or via the variable trolling speed switch on the optional tiller handle – the operator can adjust the maneuvering speed in 50 rpm increments between 620 and 900 rpm.

Trimming and tilting system with a wide adjustment range

Discover the versatility and power of a Yamaha engine. Fast response with button control allows for quick, smooth and easy trim and pitch over a wide trim range. The negative trim settings are particularly useful for improving acceleration and getting the boat on plane quickly.

Powerful alternator

No more starting reserves? Never. The powerful alternator that our FT outboard motors are equipped with as standard always provides sufficient starting current – even after prolonged operation at idle or when operating several accessories at the same time when cruising at low revs.

Dual thrust propellers for maximum performance in both forward and reverse

The special propellers installed in the FT models not only have a larger diameter, but also a low pitch to maximize thrust in forward and – by redirecting the exhaust flow – also in reverse. This provides better manoeuvrability, which is especially helpful when steering heavier boats.

Standard delivery Yamaha FT 60 GETX:

  • 24 l – plastic tank with connections
  • Aluminum propeller (there are several to choose from)
  • engine oil (marine oil)
  • Operating manual in German
  • warranty documents
  • CE declaration of conformity
  • Handover inspection in our specialist workshop


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