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Yamaha 130HP F130XA / F130AETX outboard motor


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Yamaha F130AETX / F130XA Outboards

130 hp (95.6 kW), 4 cylinders, water-cooled, displacement 1,832 cm²,
ultra long shaft = extra long shaft, electric starter, power tilt, power trim,
recommended mirror height: 643 mm,
weight 178 kg

With the innovative, lightweight F130AETX / F130XA Extra Long shaft you can relax and enjoy your boating to the fullest – one of the cleanest and quietest engines in the world.

Best-in-class power-to-weight ratio.

The 1.8 liter four-cylinder DOHC in-line engine with 16 valves not only impresses with its performance – a number of electronic and technical features ensure more comfort: compatibility with our digital network system, the optional electronic anti-theft device Y-COP®, the trim and Tilting system with a wide adjustment range and the optional tipping angle limiter, to name just a few examples.
The efficiency of our proven EFI injection and other innovative combustion technologies ensure the extremely high reliability of this outstanding Yamaha engine.At a glance

  • Four-cylinder, DOHC, in-line engine with a displacement of 1,832 cm³ and 16 valves
  • 174 kg light – incomparable weight-performance ratio
  • EFI – clean, efficient and reliable
  • The latest generation hood – slim and compact
  • Maneuver with variable trolling speed – for relaxed driving
  • Powerful 35A alternator – effortless starting
  • Electro-hydraulic trim and tilt system and optional tilt angle limiter
  • Shallow water driving position for driving close to the bank
  • TALON series propellers – dampens noise and vibration
  • Version with counter rotating screws available
  • Optional Yamaha electronic anti-theft device (Y-COP).
  • Compatible with Yamaha digital network system

Four-cylinder DOHC in-line engine with a displacement of 1,832 cm³ and 16 valves

The innovative design of the intake and exhaust valves, which are controlled independently by two camshafts, significantly increases the intake and exhaust e ciency of the F115, thereby improving fuel consumption during combustion. The TCI ignition system ensures effortless starting, consistent performance, long spark plug life and absolute reliability.

Compact design with low weight – ideal for increasing performance

The versatile 115hp boasts the best power-to-weight ratio in its class. This makes it the optimal
choice for a wide range of activities and offers new, exciting possibilities for your boat. The smoothness, performance and efficiency of the four-stroke engine also breathes new life into older boats of different sizes and models.

DNG instruments – clear and precise information

For maximum engine performance and efficiency, the F115 is ideal for Yamaha’s digital network system and digital instruments: multi-function tachometer, engine hours, tilt angle, oil pressure, warning lights and maneuvering with variable trolling speed, and a speed/fuel management display with fuel level and fuel consumption values.

Maneuvering with variable trolling speed – relaxed manoeuvres

Thanks to its reliability, the new F130 is guaranteed to make the boat trip a relaxing experience. Set the RPM with a button on the speedometer – or simply set the RPM to a low value (between 600 and 1,000 rpm) in increments of 50 rpm on the multi-function tiller handle. This advanced system resets automatically when the throttle is applied.

Powerful alternator with 35 A

A dedicated alternator is standard on the F115, so there is always enough power to start the engine, even after prolonged low-speed driving or when running multiple accessories. A comforting thought when you hit the water for a night fishing or enjoying a leisurely day on the river.
Standard scope of delivery:

  • Stainless steel propeller (there are several to choose from)
  • engine oil (marine oil)
  • Operating manual in English
  • warranty documents
  • CE declaration of conformity
  • Handover inspection in our specialist workshop


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